Student Life

When students look at universities while attempting to decide where the best place for them to study is, one of the things they look for outside of the school is the area that the school is surrounded by.  After all, the average student is in school for 12-16 hours a week, the rest of the week when they are not studying they have to think about what there is to do.  Therefore, it is only fitting that when you start to look at your university travel plans you will want to check out what there is do in the town.

Edinburgh has plenty of activities to take part in and as one of the largest cities in Scotland there are plenty of things to do without repeating yourself.  Plus, not only do you get plenty of city activities, but you also get a historical and modern city that offers lush landscapes and mountains to explore on the weekends when you have the time to get out of the city.  For those who enjoy being outside in nature there will be plenty to keep them busy and active with hill walking trails and more.

Within the city for students that do not want to worry about university travel during their breaks because there is plenty to do such as quad bike racing, paintball, go kart racing, adventure trips into the mountains, golf, white water rafting, and restaurants that serve some of the best culinary delights in the country.

Of course, since you are most likely going to be on a lean student budget the news that there are also plenty of student diners and cafes spread throughout the city as well as discounts at many locations for students should come in handy.

Of course, what most students really want to know is where the party is at, and the news that there are plenty of pubs and nightclubs filled with partiers all night long is pretty impressive.  In fact, you can always find a party even if you are out on an odd weekday because there are always nightclubs jumping.

You can easily stay out into the morning hours long enough for a breakfast café to open up before heading home which should fulfill the rest of your needs and your prerequisites when looking for a place to stay in Edinburgh.