Edinburgh Nightlife

Edinburgh is known as a great city to visit if you like to party and enjoys a few drinks as it has a vast number of unique atmospheric pubs that are topped off with many hipster hangouts that continue to develop emerge as the trends change.

There are many establishments in Edinburgh that store whiskey that you can get your hands on with a little bargaining, that are older than the bar staff that will serve your drink.

Outside of the pubs, there are also many concert venues where you can find everything from the traditional grassroots sounds of the town, to many rock and indie shows that take place on a nightly basis at the nightclubs of Edinburgh.  Adding to the atmosphere, many of the bands actually perform underground since a majority of the clubs exist in the structure of the subterranean canals of the city.

Due to the huge amount of students that attend the University of Edinburgh, there are also many students looking to party the weekend away, and many times on the weekdays as well, which keeps the club scene bustling.  The nightclubs in Edinburgh as a result are a broad range of both esoteric and mainstream tastes.

One of the most popular nightclubs within the town is the Bongo Club, which operates during the day and at night. During the day time it is an art venue and café, but at night it turns into a theatre or a live music venue.  On weekend nights if nothing is scheduled it converts into a nightclub area.

Another of the most popular venues in town is the Cabaret Voltaire, which is found in the vaults that are hidden underneath the Old Town area.  The red painted walls that are wood panelled mixed with the cool lighting of the venue offer visitors a unique clubbing experience.