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5 Incredible Family Hotspots

If you’re looking for the ideal holiday vacation, there is nowhere quite like Scotland. With its picturesque views and sprawling fields, it is the perfect retreat from a busy life. Though you’ll certainly fall in love with the Scottish countryside and feel revitalised by the fresh air, the major Scottish cities have an abundance of exciting family activities on offer. If you’re looking to unite the family with activities everyone can enjoy, look into an Edinburgh coach hire and make it your mission to visit the following places of national interest.

Learn and have fun at National Museum of Scotland
Though education might be the furthest thing from your children’s mind when it comes to the perfect family holiday, you’d be surprised at how the National Museum of Scotland caters to the interests of the entire family. Its collections are so diverse and fascinating that nobody can go without finding an exhibit that appeals to them. It’s a great way of discovering the history of Scotland and learning about nature, science, technology, art, and fashion.

The museum doesn’t focus solely on Scottish history. In fact, the institution boasts an abundance of medieval objects and archaeological finds from around the world. Science lovers will be interested to know that the museum is home to the preserved body of Dolly the sheep — the first successfully cloned mammal. Pop culture lovers will be able to take in an array of Elton John’s iconic suits and those with a keen interest in law and order can see The Maiden — an early form of the guillotine and a Scottish invention.

Interact with nature at Edinburgh Butterfly World
Nature is always a popular way to get children enthused about holidays and a fantastic way to separate them from technology. With this in mind, while on your Edinburgh coach hire adventure, plan some time at Edinburgh Butterfly World. Described as a “tropical rainforest paradise”, this venue allows the whole family to get up close and personal with fascinating animals, including meet-and-greets and feeding sessions. As well as butterflies, the more adventurous among you have a chance to handle snakes and tarantulas. Importantly, by visiting this tourist hotspot, you’ll be helping to support and conserve threatened species and their habitats worldwide.

Be amazed at Camera Obscura and the World of Illusions
Tripadvisor has mentioned Camera Obscura as a must-visit Edinburgh Location, specifically stating that you shouldn’t leave the area without first seeing what this venue has to offer. Camera Obscura is a world of interactive illusions that both adults and children will love. It’s also a great way to learn about the city of Edinburgh. In the Victorian rooftop chamber, you can take in the moving images, projected by a giant periscope. The images can even be picked up and manipulated, and your visit will be guided by a professional who will engage you with stories of Edinburgh’s past and present.

Walk down memory lane at The Museum of Childhood
Times are changing, but it’s important to give our children a perspective on how things used to be and how far we have come to give them a deeper appreciation of the world today. The Museum of Childhood does this in a fun way, with an array of historical toys and games. Adults will appreciate the nostalgia and children will be fascinated to learn about how children long ago entertained themselves. The museum isn’t all about exhibits; it also has an interactive aspect, where children can dress up and get involved with a live puppet Theatre.

Hike up Arthur’s Seat
Arthur’s Seat is just a mile to the east of Edinburgh castle. It is an extinct volcano that rises to over 800 feet, offering awe-inspiring panoramic views of Edinburgh city. This is a great way to get kids out and about and releasing their pent-up energy. It’s well known as quite an easy climb and it can be ascended from nearly any direction. Many people believe the name of this volcano comes from the legend of King Arthur, and it has sometimes been mentioned as a possible location for Camelot.

Using an Edinburgh coach hire to get from place to place
To get the most out of your time, consider looking into executive coach hire in Edinburgh. The price is very modest when you consider what you will save on petrol or public transport. You also get the added advantage of being driven around by a local, who will be able to give you the benefit of their years of experience. This is a great way of finding hidden gems and restaurants famous only to locals. On top of this, you have the benefit of being driven door-to-door, without having to worry about the prospect of getting lost in a new city.

Whatever you do in Edinburgh, remember to make the most out of every minute. It is a remarkably historical and exciting city, and you could live here your whole life without truly experiencing everything it has to offers. It is the perfect city for a family holiday, and it’ll provide you with treasured memories for the years to come.