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2011/2012 Harsh Winter for Edinburgh Roofs

Edinburgh roofers are in for a bumper spring season after the harsh winter weather took its toll on the city’s homes.

High winds, driving rain and cold snaps left many homes badly affected, with roofs always particularly at risk from the elements. Edinburgh roofing contractors are being inundated with calls from concerned residents looking to repair the damage done to their homes.

Fortunately the weather across the UK is set to get much milder, but homeowners have already seen heavy winds dislodge roof tiles, leaving their homes susceptible to the rain and snow which the UK has seen over the past few weeks.

Edinburgh was not immune from this, with the recent cold snap causing havoc at Edinburgh Airport as well as disturbing commuters who struggled on the icy roads. Roofs always struggle under the weight of a heavy snowfall and structural damage is extremely common during these periods.

Melting snow can also be a problem, with water leaking through roofs through any cracks or other damage caused by the cold weather. Keeping your house sufficiently heated can help, but this won’t overcome particularly heavy snowfall and many people have sacrificed excessive heating to save money in recent years.

The important thing is to act quickly – adjoining tiles to those which are dislodged or missing are more at risk of blowing loose in high winds and these missing tiles are obviously a source of leaks in wet weather.

If your home has suffered as a result of the recent harsh weather conditions, contact MyRedlandRoof today and find an approved roofing contractor.