Enjoy a Holiday in Edinburgh

Are you considering a holiday to Edinburgh? The Scottish capital is one of the UK’s most beautiful cities, surrounded by rocky hills and overlooking the sea. The city itself is built right into the landscape with architecture, landmarks and monuments all situated in the natural beauty of the land. The destination makes for a wonderful holiday, either with or without the family. Whether you want a simple bed and breakfast or one of the luxurious Edinburgh city centre hotels, there is plenty to choose from when it comes to accommodation and even more when it comes to things to see and do.

The city of Edinburgh is often referred to as one huge festival; there always seems to be a celebration of some sort along with exploding starbursts of fireworks, especially near Edinburgh Castle. Perhaps you would prefer the unsettling beauty of the Old Town’s picturesque medieval tenements or the neoclassical designs of the newer areas? If you want an exciting nightlife to counter the gorgeous daytime scenery, don’t worry: it’s all in Edinburgh. The city is mesmerising and beautiful; it is exciting and inspirational. It is the perfect place to settle in for a romantic getaway or a fun-filled family holiday. No matter what you want to see or do, it is in this city. So, what is the best way to plan your holiday?

First of all, think about the time of year you’d like to travel. Edinburgh lies to the north, so it can get quite chilly. Arguably the best times to visit Edinburgh are in May, June and September. During these months the weather is mostly dry and sunny, though there will always be a day or two of rain mixed in. When packing for your break keep in mind that the weather in Edinburgh can change quickly, so pack for a chance of drizzle in the morning and sun in the afternoon.

Getting around Edinburgh is quite easy. There really is no need to hire a car due to the abundance of black taxis throughout the city. You can hail them in the street, order by phone or simply pick one up at one of the many central ranks. But black taxis can be pricy, so if you are travelling on a budget they may not be ideal. If you prefer public transit, you may opt for the less expensive bus system. Route maps, fare guides and timetables are posted at all main bus stops, though you may pick up your own copy at any bus depot office.

For the more adventurous, bicycling and walking are excellent transportation options in Edinburgh. Whether you are staying in one of the Edinburgh Castle hotels or right in the city centre, you can see much of the Scottish capital this way. Don’t be afraid of the hills and cobbled streets; Edinburgh is very cycle-friendly. Just be sure to follow cycling traffic rules and be safe. There are many available bicycle hires throughout the city.

When travelling to the city of Edinburgh, you must consider your budget. Though the city itself is an affordable destination, little things can and do add up. Most hotels will cost between £60 and £100 per night, though you should keep your eyes open for deals. Many popular hotels such as the Cairn Hotel Edinburgh and the Macdonald Roxburghe Hotel Edinburgh offer specials throughout the year. Edinburgh offers some of the best eateries in Scotland, and you can find many restaurants that offer specials ranging from £15 to £25 per person. Many prices throughout the city do depend on the time of year. If you want to watch your budget, it might be a good idea to travel during non-peak periods.

Planning your holiday to Edinburgh will, of course, consist of booking travel arrangements and accommodations but it will also include figuring out what you’d like to do while in the city. There is so much to see and do. One thing not to miss is Edinburgh Castle. Plainly put, the castle is a must-see for visitors. As you make your way there, be sure to check out Princes Street. Because it is built up only on one side, you will have a fantastic view of both Princes Street Gardens and Edinburgh Castle along the way. If you love shopping, this is also your place; though more tourist shops are found along the Royal Mile.

Edinburgh Castle may take half a day to explore, but it is well worth it. When there, also take in St Giles’ Cathedral, St Margaret’s Chapel and the Great Hall. Whether you choose to visit during a festival time or not, you will also likely see plenty of street performers in this area. Before leaving, do check out the Scottish War Memorial as well.

In addition to its ancient architecture and beauty, Edinburgh is also known for its museums. The National Museum of Scotland is a beauty to behold. It has plenty of wonderful exhibits for those that love history and culture, but the main hall is definitely worth a visit. For visitors on a budget, it is helpful to know that many museums throughout Edinburgh offer free admission specials and reduced rates.

Other sights to see include Greyfriars Bobby. This statue honours the memory of a faithful Skye terrier that sat at his master’s grave for about 14 years. A stroll along the Waters of Leith may also interest you if the weather is pleasant. Such a stroll will lead you to the Royal Botanic Garden, which has been an Edinburgh staple since 1670. While there, don’t miss the Victorian Palm Houses.

Edinburgh is a wonderful place to spend a holiday. The old city is the perfect locale for those that enjoy beauty and history as well as an exciting nightlife and plenty of culture. Feel free to explore the city on your own or book one of the many tours offered for visitors. Regardless of how long you stay or why you’ve come, Edinburgh will definitely draw you back year after year.