Leith is a small district found in the northern corner of Edinburgh, at the port of the city and the mouth of the ‘Water of Leith’.

Within the small port city there is a great deal of industry and commercial interests that have been developed over the last century, turning the area into a bustling arena from a former rundown slum area.

The area is still under a great deal of redevelopment including the notable work on the Western Harbour, which when completed in 2020 will offer two new park areas, pedestrian pathways across the docks, and private and public open space.

Some of the primary streets where business and commercial shops lay are Great Junction Street, Constitution Street, Easter Road, and Leith Walk.

One of the most prominent areas within Leith is Timber Bush, which is an enclave found behind Bernard Street that is the location of many upscale flats, marketing firms, and various powerful big-business headquarters.

Also notable along Easter Road is the football stadium of the Hibernian Football Club.

Strewn throughout Easter Road are also a great number of pubs where people tend to head for an alternative pub experience to the Edinburgh proper area.