Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and is the home to the Parliament of Scotland.  Outside of its political importance, Edinburgh is also prominent due to the fact that it is home to many cultural events, museums, and galleries.

The city itself is divided into two different sections, the New Town and the Old Town.  Both are historically important given their neo-Classical architecture which has been carefully preserved over time.  The New Town is now the major home of the shopping and entertainment areas, while the Old Town is near Holyrood and contains most of the political and business areas.

Within the city of Edinburgh there are also plenty of opportunities for entertainment and plenty of attractions such as the Edinburgh Zoo.  The Zoo is known for its wide collection of animals and is one of the largest and most unique within the UK.

There are also many museums in Edinburgh including the Royal Museum of Scotland which is part of the National Museum of Scotland.    Within the central area of Edinburgh is not only one of the most cultured locations, but also the National Library of Scotland, the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and the National War Museum.  Additionally, Edinburgh is home to five of Scotland’s National Galleries as well as two of the most world renowned private collections.

Outside of the major attractions in Edinburgh and sightseeing landmarks such as the Edinburgh Castle, the area also offers plenty of outside entertainment such as shopping and nightlife.  Most of the main shopping is found along Princes Street and the Royal Mile, which is where the high end stores and specialty boutique shops are located.  There are also many shopping opportunities outside of the centre of Edinburgh in locations such as the district of Leigh.

The most congested time period to visit Edinburgh but also one of the most exciting times is during August, given the fact that this is when the International Edinburgh Festival takes place, which is one of the largest cultural arts festivals in the world. Started in 1947 the International Festival has also launched many Fringe festivals that also take place in myriads of locations across the city centre.  Many of the festivals are known worldwide such as the Military Tattoo festival, Fringe festival, and the International Book Festival.

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Most people arrive in Edinburgh via the Edinburgh International Airport although there is a rail service that arrives in the Waverly Station near St. George’s Bridge.  Once at the airport there are two options to get into the city outside of taking the taxi or hiring a car, which is not recommended given the fact that the streets are pedestrian friendly and the traffic is very congested within the Old and New Town sectors of Edinburgh.

Both the Airlink Express and the Lothian Bus service run between the airport and city, with the former being the quickest way but the Lothian Bus service being the cheapest.

It is even possible to arrive in Edinburgh’s port of Leith Cruise Terminal by ship if you are undertaking a Europe cruise. It is just 3 miles from Edinburgh’s City Centre.