Disabled Travelling Advice

Formerly, travelling has not been straightforward for the disabled. Public facilities were few and far between and accessibility was generally insufficient. Things have changed a lot in recent years, however.

Accessibility for the disabled is now being incorporated into a growing number of travel facilities, making it easier for disabled travellers to plan holidays and trips away. Edinburgh is one of the UK’s cities which is doing the most to enable easy visits for people with disabilities. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that your visit to the city runs as smoothly as possible.

Speak To Your Hotel About Their Facilities

Everybody’s needs are different, making it difficult to tell from hotel’s web sites or brochures whether their facilities are well enough suited to you. The best way to avoid unnecessary difficulties when you arrive is to speak directly to the staff where you intend to stay before you get there. You will need to be clear about your disability and what they can do to make your stay easier and more enjoyable.

Now that most hotels are designed with wheelchair ramps and Stannah stairlift, it should never be too troublesome to find a hotel which can cater for your needs. Calling ahead is, however, a good way of making sure that your hotel is suitable. Far better to spend time planning ahead than to get caught out when you arrive.

Research The Local Services

If you have a disability which requires regular medical attention or the use of medication, it is wise to spend some time looking into where the relevant services are in Edinburgh. Even if you do so only as a precaution, the knowledge that you’re never far away from care is likely to make your holiday far more enjoyable.

Edinburgh is a great place to visit for all. The Scottish are a very friendly and accommodating people who are sure to make your stay memorable. While the city is one of the most accessible in the country, where any difficulty arises the locals are sure to be happy to help.