Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Another large festival held in Edinburgh and has become iconic to the city, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo festival.  Every year it attracts tens of thousands of spectators to the area that is led by pipers who are dressed in authentic kilts that skirl (the noise that bagpipes make) at the Edinburgh Castle below the castle’s battlements.

Tickets usually sell out for the festival a year in advance, although if you wait too long and still travel to Edinburgh, it is sometimes possible to find a spare ticket or two as the result of cancellations, although it will require a lot of asking around.

The festival is composed of an annual series of tattoos that are performed by Commonwealth armed forces, the British Armed Forces, and the International military bands and teams that perform throughout Edinburgh.  Like the Fringe festival the Military Tattoo is a fringe event that is part of the Edinburgh International Festival and takes place during August.

It celebrates the entertainment performed by military musicians, which is called a tattoo.  Every year around 220,000 people head to the Edinburgh Castle to watch the show on the esplanade, even with that many spectators the show sells out every year.