Edinburgh International Festival

The main festival of the four is the Edinburgh International Festival, which was the first to be conceptualised.  The other festivals are each considered to be ‘fringe’ festivals or the offspring of the major festival period, but have developed enough to take on their own personality and following.  For this reason August can be a very exciting time to visit Edinburgh but also one of the most congested time periods to visit the capital of Scotland.

The Edinburgh International Festival was initiated in 1947, and is considered to be the most high-brow festival compared to any of the other festivals that derived from it.  Despite this fact, tickets for the International Festival are still a much more competitively priced than for the other Fringe festivals.

It is located in an area known as The Hub, which is a building that is found just a few minutes from the Edinburgh Castle. The Edinburgh International Festival features the performing arts and takes place in the middle of August for a three week period. It will take place from August 13th up to September 5th in 2010.

Within the festival is a mix of the top performers in the world of opera, classical music, other musical types, dance, and theatre.  There are also many talks, visual art exhibitions, and workshops that attendees take part in throughout the festival.  The aim of the annual festival is to provoke artistic nature and spark the cultural life of Europe, Britain, and Scotland.