Edinburgh International Book Festival

The International Book Festival is also one of the big festivals that takes place in Edinburgh, which is only fitting since the city was denoted an official City of Literature by UNESCO.  It takes place every year in a village that is set up of temporary marquees in the middle of Charlotte Square On George Street to the West side in the New Town.

It is so well known that it has attracted guests such as JK Rowling, Harold Pinter, Franz Ferdinand, Al Gore, and Toni Morrison. The festival has expanded so that there are many additional fringe events that take place outside of the main International Book Festival.

It bills itself as the largest festival of its type globally and promotes itself as a blend of political talks and debates as well as cultural deliberations.  For children it also hosts a very well known set of established events designed with kids in mind.

It is the newest of the set of festivals that take place during the International Festival season and started in one small tent in 1983.  The event is now yearly as of 1997, and is possibly one of the reasons that the city was given the UNESCO distinction.  Throughout the programme there are more than seven hundred separate events of children and adults that take place over the course of the festival.