Edinburgh Fringe Festival

One of the side events of the Edinburgh International Festival is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, hence its name, which also began in 1947. As the name might imply, the festival happens on the edges of the International Festival, and spans over the same period of time in August.  The festival offers attendees much more alternative performances compared to the other festivals that take place in Edinburgh, and have a heavy emphasis on avant-garde performances and comedy shows.  The Fringe Festival is renowned as the largest arts festival in the world.

There are many theatre events that take place at the Fringe Festival each year that represent many of the classic literary works ranging from new works to Samuel Beckett to William Shakespeare.  Due to the fact that there is not a selection committee that approves entries any type of event can spring up that may showcase works that otherwise would not normally be permissible at one of the other major Edinburgh festivals.

Outside of the main Fringe events that are ticketed, there is also a street fair that takes place along the Royal Mile every year organized by the Festival Fringe.