Unusual Places to Stay in Edinburgh

If you’re looking for unusual places to stay in Edinburgh, then look no further. The Scottish capitol has some of the most weird and wonderful hotels we’ll bet you’ve never heard of.

However, they are all 4 or 5 star hotels, so be prepared to pay for the incredible experience of a night’s stay in one of these incredible places.

But then again, if you’re going to Edinburgh and you don’t want to slum it in any old Travel Lodge or guest house, then you wouldn’t be looking for somewhere unusual to spend a weekend break, would you?

Anyway, without further ado, here are just a handful of the craziest, most unique and definitely unusual places you could ever wish to stay in Edinburgh.

Witchery by the Castle

More than just a marvellously lavish restaurant, the Witchery by the Castle, on the Royal Mile also offers beautiful accommodation in its several gothic inspired suites that look like something out an operatic fantastic with their red velvet drapes, tapestries, four poster beds and the obligatory hidden nooks and crannies. As you’d expect, a fabulous price tag is attached to such a fabulous night’s stay.

Hotel Missoni

Also on the Royal Mile, the Hotel Missoni is the first of a unique brand of hotels from the Italian fashion house Missoni, so it’s no surprise that this place is incredibly stylish with incredible colours throughout while the Missoni brand’s signature zigzag designs are all over the place. Every room seems to be differently styled, while oversized ornaments, rich fabrics and textiles in bright and bold colours create an incredible atmosphere in every room.

Channings Hotel

Just outside the city centre, Channings was once the home of Antarctica explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton, the hotel is full of memorabilia and photographs inspired by his great voyages. It’s a reassuringly traditional hotel with warm décor and dark wood, but with quirky little touches like the big boat art in the bathroom that lends great atmosphere to sitting in the red Victorian roll top bath and the wooden monkeys around the bar that all harken back to Shackleton’s adventures.

Le Monde Hotel

With 18 rooms, each style around one of the great cities of the world, Le Monde hotel is a fashionable and unusual boutique hotel on the vibrant George Street. The LA room is a spectacle of bright lights and celebrity photos, the Beijing room is a rich red with traditional oriental wallpaper and a hand crafted Chinese Dragon, Barcelona boasts a beautiful Gaudi mirror and Miro reproductions and every room plays DVD’s or CD’s reflecting the same themes. A truly amazing place to stay and you even get free VIP entry to their exclusive Shanghai nightclub.


These are just a handful of the spectacular places you could stay in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. But if you’re looking for something a little more rustic and quirky, there are plenty of other unusual places to stay too.

Like any capital city, the unique and unusual places to stay tend to be very ‘exclusive’. So if you’re looking for a little more traditionally Scottish with a bit of rustic charm, it’s best to look outside of Edinburgh New Town in Edinburgh Old Town and the surrounding areas.

Fortunately there are plenty of roads, train lines and other routes into the city whether you’re visiting for the week or just for the day.